SF Bay Area Regional GIS Council

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About the BAR-GC

The BAR-GC formed in April, 2002 to foster regional GIS coordination, identify and encourage data sharing opportunities and provide input to the California GIS Council (CGC). The jurisdiction of the BAR-GC is the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area that includes Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano, Sonoma, and Napa Counties. To deal with existing jurisdictional affiliations that don't adhere to this grouping of counties, a loosely defined network of overlapping working relationships is proposed with other regional GIS councils and related GIS organizations. The BAR-GC welcomes representatives from these overlapping jurisdictions to attend BAR-GC meetings to serve as liaisons and will seek input and feedback from other regional GIS councils and other regional GIS coordination groups.

View version 2.1 of the BAR-GC charter

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BAR-GC Chair

John Huie

Contra Costa County
Deputy CIO - GIO
Dept. of Information Technology
Martinez, CA

BAR-GC Vice Chair

Brian B. Quinn

County of Marin
GIS Analyst
Community Development Agency
GIS / Mapping Division
San Rafael, CA

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Voting Members

14 Standing Seats

Association of Bay Area Governments
Michael Smith (alternate)

Bay Area Automated Mapping Association
Bruce Joffe
Malcolm Adkins (alternate)

City & County of San Francisco
Blair Adams
Jeff Johnson (alternate)

City of Oakland
TBD (alternate)

City of San José
Earl Harris
Tony Seebach (alternate)

County of Alameda
Rohin Saleh
Ramses Manalo (alternate)

County of Contra Costa
John Huie
TBD (alternate)

County of Marin
Fred Vogler
Martin Nichols (alternate)

County of Napa
Pat Kowta

County of San Mateo
Garrett Dunwoody
Charles Borden (alternate)

County of Santa Clara
Robert Colley
Douglas Schenk (alternate)

County of Solano
TBD (alternate)

County of Sonoma
Tim Pudoff
TBD (alternate)

Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Kearey Smith
TBD (alternate)

11 At-Large Seats

CA Office of Emergency Services
Coastal Region

Kevin Miller
Melody Baldwin (alternate)

California Regional Water Quality Control Board
San Francisco Bay Region

Jeff Kapellas
TBD (alternate)

City College of San Francisco
GIS Education Center

Mono Simeone
Deborah Picar (alternate)

City of Berkeley
Cristi Delgado
TBD (alternate)

City of San Ramon
Phil Beilin
TBD (alternate)

City of Santa Rosa
Mike Hargreaves
TBD (alternate)

San Francisco Estuary Institute
Eric Zhang
TBD (alternate)

Union Sanitary District
Fred Wong
TBD (alternate)

City of Fremont
Christine Frost
John Leon (alternate)

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Past Meetings

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Document Resources

BAR-GC Template MOU for Secure Data Access [0.1 MB RTF/DOC, 3 pp]
BAR-GC Template MOU for Secure Data Provider [0.1 MB RTF/DOC, 9 pp]
BAR-GC Template MOU for Secure Data Hosting [0.1 MB RTF/DOC, 8 pp]
Street Centerline Stitching Project Executive Summary [0.1 MB PDF, 2 pp]
Homeland Security Data Server (BAR-HSDS) CIPI3 proposal [0.3 MB PDF, 12 pp]
BAR-HSDS Pilot Summary [13 MB PDF, 335 pp]
BAR-HSDS Final Report [9 MB PDF, 422 pp]
Version 2.1 of BAR-GC Charter [0.1 MB PDF, 6 pp]
Sample BAR-GC Representative Form (updated 20020823) [0.1 MB RTF/DOC, 2 pp]
BAR-GC DRAFT plan (updated 20020607) [0.2 MB PDF, 7 pp]
BAR-GC Outreach Letter [0.1 MB PDF, 1 p]
BAR-GC Support/Comment Form [0.1 MB PDF, 1 p]
BAR-GC Risk Management Plan [0.1 MB PDF, 15 pp]

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